10 comments on “Local TeeVee Stars on the TeeVee

  1. I’m cut off from television (or “teevee”) near the NW Canadian border for awhile, without use of a fully functioning computer. More interested in the production/direction people than the pretty faces anyway. Thanks for keeping me current, LG. You’d love it here: lots of country music, which drives me nuts. A little goes a long way….

  2. You should have invited me, Karen! Actually a little country music goes a long ways — especially the new stuff 🙂

  3. Friday night somebody named Matt Kennon sang an hour at a local saloon so he could go on a weekend bear hunt. Yippee-ki-yay.

  4. Yeah, well, we’ll need a case of bear spray from Costco. I can send pictures, too, of the dead moose in a truck in a grocery parking lot. Was the Main Event here yesterday.

  5. Bob Dylan should be a judge on American Idol, Will. Honest to God truth would be refreshing on that “teevee” show.

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