14 comments on “Catwalk

  1. I don’t know of any other city that has a stray cat problem like Covington. City officials look the other way and do nothing about it, just like they mostly do with everything else.

  2. I see them a lot too, mostly in my back yard. I guess I’ll feed them this winter and maybe made a bed somewhere in my back yard so they can stay warm this winter. I feel so sorry for them.

  3. I work with animals and 90% of our calls are dealing with stray cats. It is a serious problem. The Kenton County Animal Shelter offers a program called Neuterville Express that offers Spay/Neuter and Rabies shots for all owned cats living in Kenton County for $10. You would think that at the price every owned cat in the county would be fixed but that is not the case. People see the cats feel sorry for them, feed them and then the next thing you know they have 50 cats around their house

  4. Jason, I’m one of those people who feed the cats. Not so much in the summer but they can’t catch birds or mice in the winter and I can’t bare to see them strave. Isn’t it better to have a heart than to watch them suffer?

  5. Being serious, kind of, I bet there really is a shit problem in Covington because of these cats. Shit happens in Covington.

  6. I don’t think I could handle living in downtown Covington with all those cats. Knowing me I would adopt all of them!

  7. Maybe the city of Covington needs to declare open cat season just like they do with deer. You gotta get rid of some of them.

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