11 comments on “Freelancers Are People Too

  1. You should mention the name of the publication so people will stop reading it. Not paying a writer is shameful.

  2. So, you’re saying Roger Ach had the balls to ask you for a spec piece for a resurrected Downtowner?

  3. Good writing and editing is an underrated art and is paid accordingly. It’s tough out there…

  4. I’m a freelancer myself up here in Michigan and I know exactly what you’re talking about. Being older, as I think you are too, it’s a hard road these days with newspapers closings and internet sites that don’t want to pay much. You’re right when you say it’s 24/7 – and then some. To actually land a writing job and then have the publication drag their feet or forget all about you is crap. More than once I’ve thought about giving it up and just be a cashier at a 7-Eleven, but I like putting those sentences together and enjoy being the best I can be at it. I so much related to your words. You speak for a lot of us.

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