15 comments on “Tonight, Obama Can’t Phone It In

  1. I think our president will be on his game tonight. I’ve been reading that he has taken the time over the past few days to block other issues out and focus in on the debate. Also, maybe Biden can give him some pointers!

  2. I don’t think Obama has much to worry about but yes, he has got to be on his game tonight. If he is, I think he will win reelection fairly easily. Look what he’s up against. A liar.

  3. We need to take notes during the debate and then after the debate do a fact-check on both sides.

  4. I know it is not a movie but I will be watching the debate eating popcorn. I hope they is some suspense!

  5. I’m sick and tired of ALL OF IT. Makes no difference who gets in as they are all CROOKS. If I had any money I would move to CANADA.

  6. I can really relate to what Jody is saying. I have to say that I basically don’t believe any of the people in Washington, but we need a “leader,” so we need to pick the lesser of two evils. Obama, I think, knows he needs to work within the system but doesn’t want to. If reelected, there is no third term so I think that’s going to free him up to do what he wants. I think I’ll take that. Mitt, on the other hand would go into the office already as a liar. That is PURE evil.

  7. Rumor has it that Obama has stolen Mitt’s magic underwear for tonight’s debate. Mitt won’t be wearing underwear, so Mitt may be kind of loose.

  8. I’m just reading the reviews and fact checking now. Missed the popcorn opportunity and the debate w/no access to a computer or TV (teevee to you Larry) until a few nanoseconds ago. All I can do now is verify the verbage. Maybe I need that magic underwear to make sense of it all. HELP.

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