10 comments on “Your Balance Rewards Card at Work—Or Not

  1. That store needs a shakeup in leadership because there is none. Go inside when they are restocking the shelves. You can’t even walk around as the aisles are blocked. They are also always out of so called sale items. This store is a joke.

  2. Can’t help but wonder if the CVS on Ludlow in Clifton have some of the same employees. I could write a blog about that place.

  3. Call me cynical, but do you think that the store manager might have told his cashiers not to ask for the card to increase store profits?

  4. Tuck is probably right. Let’s be honest here. Walgreen’s could care less about their customers. They are only interested in their wallets.

  5. I live in Covington too, think you know that. Ever buy whiskey there? They got this special top that the cashier has to remove or otherwise, the door will alarm as you are walking out. Here’s a way to tie up an already long line. Most of the cashiers have no idea how to remove that special top. They have to call a manager over to help remove it. It is a joke.

  6. Great pharmacy there, but nothing else. Sale prices? You will still save money if you go to a regular grocery and pay full price. Walgreen’s is not interested in saving you money and neither is CVS. Go to Wal Mart.

  7. Both are a joke with their overpriced so called sales. They are always out of the sale items or if you ask they will go to the back room and get a item for you. The most unfriendly cashiers at both stores. Folks should also shop around for medicine prices because Wallgreens and CVS has such higher prices. You can’t get good service anywhere anymore.

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