12 comments on “There I Was, In Covington Chili

  1. I’ve read “Pretty in Pink” more than once. It’s the lead off story in your book of collected columns. You probably already know that 😉

  2. My Dad first took me to Covington Chili in the 50s, and it’s the first place I tasted delicious “Cincinnati” chili. I recall that coneys were then fifteen cents. I’m happily surprised it’s still around. Next time I’m in Covington, maybe I’ll go in and order a 4-way/w/onions and a couple of cheese coneys, but now it will cost around seven or eight bucks. And it will be worth it, too.

  3. And Tuck, it hasn’t changed a bit, still has those little jukeboxes next to the tables! Still relatively inexpensive too.

  4. You know the old saying. . . . you pay for what you get. You don’t pay much at Covington Chili and like Larry said what you get is so-so. Sometimes that is okay with me.

  5. If there was ever a place in Covington that could use a little updating it is Covington Chili. As you drive by it, it almost looks all boarded up.

  6. I loved the Pretty in Pink story. Would have been a great setting for Covington if you know what I mean.

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