9 comments on “A New Yorker Living in Kentucky

  1. Where you live in Covington, most have never heard of this magazine. Your not going to find it at Walgreens!

  2. Larry, the Kenton Co library on Scott St carries it (unless you’re an Ayn Randian and considers using the public library “mooching.”. 😉

  3. That’s right. You can get it at the library over there and also the downtown library in Cincy.

  4. Amazing the attention you get in Covington. You must be quite a presence if even your shopping bag gets noticed.

  5. I think a “New Yorker” with long hair and walking with a cane is going to stand out. You don’t exactly blend in over there 😉

  6. Karen, sidewalks aren’t all that busy in Covington. You get used to seeing “the regulars.”

  7. I’ve got the same tote bag. Amazing how some people have never heard of this magazine. Maybe two years while in a bookstore in Norwood, the cashier noticed my bag and asked me if I was enjoying my stay in Cincinnati. She worked in a BOOKSTORE.

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