7 comments on “Mostly Blue Living in a Red State

  1. I am voting too, Thersea. What ticks me off is the estimated 90 mil who won’t. Or at least this was what was reported on the “teevee” this morning. And gab, a NKY blue is a species IN danger!

  2. I’m keeping my vote to myself, but I’m extremely glad that it will all be over. This is the longest, most bitter, contentious campaign in my lifetime, and I’m not young. The media attack ads are more than tiresome–they make me angry to the ridiculous point that I curse at my tv, like I’m losing my marbles. Politics have become so divisive that I’m just happy it’s almost over, but I know problems will persist. Anymore, this is an almost impossible country to govern.

  3. I’m disgusted with the whole process too. Obama is no better than Romney with those ads. After tomorrow, things will return to some kind of normal and I’m ready.

  4. Tomorrow night, I’m going to very happy or very sad. I’ll let you decide which way I’m voting.

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