14 comments on “Obama Wins: A Big Relief

  1. Four years ago with this race, the media said it was dead even in the polls, too close to call, all that bullshit. Same thing was last night. It wasn’t close AT ALL. This leads me to think the media is like like most of the politicans which are mostly liars. All this dead even stuff is a tease.

  2. I too watched little of the coverage, going with rock documentaries on Palladia, including a tremendous Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame concert with Crosby, Stills & Nash, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Dion and many more. But I did tune in to CNN, MSNBC and Fox around 11:00 to see who was winning. Then I saw Karl Rove go into a meltdown on camera, as he would not accept the truth that Obama had won. It was comical, an insane man being led to a strait jacket fitting. Like many Republicans, he would not believe the facts–his man had lost. I slept well by 11:30.

  3. Will, I have an Obama phone and it is just a very basic phone but I am glad I have it. I hope you are not looking down your nose at me.

  4. Some months ago, I researched how these “Obama” phones came to be and after I did so, I was less resentful – but Debbie, you have to do the work to find out. Do a Google search.

  5. I never once thought this race would be close and I’m glad we get to move forward and not back to the 1950’s. As you said in another post, Obama isn’t perfect but four years of Romney would have set this country back decades. I think tonight, we’re all going to sleep better, at least those of us with brains.

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