6 comments on “A Look Back at Dotty Mack

  1. When I was five or six, I remember seeing her pantomime songs on early tv, and thinking she was the most beautiful lady I had ever seen up to that point. Later, I found out she really could not actually sing (Much like local boy Bob Braun) and there’s no doubt her looks had much to do with her success and popularity. That said, she always seemed quite nice, and I don’t believe there was ever a hint of scandal in her life. It’s nice to see she’s still around.

  2. Does anyone remember that famous song that Dotty used to pantomime where part of the words were spoken something like this: You dirty lowdown….(something that I can’t remember). What’s a matter, didn’t anybody evva teach ya no manners or was ya too poor to have a motha? She would whip a scarf around the air and towards the floor when she sang the song. The title was a very long title. dottie was great at lip syncing it and was very funny. She did this song on a Cincinnati tv show several times shortly before she went to NY. Would love it if someone knows the song and/or the title. Thanks.

  3. The song was “How Could You Believe Me” from the movie Royal Wedding-1957 starring Fred Astaire and Jane Powell. I’m from Cincy and recall all the old shows!

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