23 comments on “A Few Thoughts on Tricia Macke

  1. For the most part she is on 19’s evening news broadcast but not for the past few days. I think her bigoted remarks have something to do with this. She has never been my cup of tea just a blonde, cute talking head.

  2. This is the problem with Facebook and other social media. Sooner or later, true opinions come out. Macke is a news anchor and should know she needs to stay neutral. Well, that’s been blown all to hell. I don’t want to watch a news person who I know has some kind of agenda and her agenda is being a bigot. I’ve considered Fox 19 news NOT part of Fox news with Billo, Greta and the rest. Now, I’m thinking it is. I’m switching to another local channel for tri-state news. I’m turning Macke and Fox 19 OFF.

  3. I agree. However, as a “thinking” blonde, I regret yet another incident that drops into the “dumb blonde” slot. Although hers is probably out of a bottle.

  4. Being Gay, I found her remark insulting. Macke will never enjoy the large audience that Rachel has so I take comfort in that as diversity needs to be and is celebrated.

  5. I don’t watch the news on Fox 19 and, like Larry, know little about Tricia Macke. I agree that if she said this, she needs to go on air and explain herself. A press release is not enough. Tricia Macke, you need to OWN THIS.

  6. I’ve been a fan of Tricia’s for a long time and will continue to watch her but I agree: She needs to get out in front of this mess she has created and try to put it to bed!

  7. In any other major city, Macke would be toast, but this is Cincinnati. Be that as it may, I’ll be tuning out.

  8. Rachel is smart; Macke not so much. Rachel has probably never heard of Macke and/or her mindless remarks. Still, it was extremely unwise to put this bigotry into the public forum. Macke can never be seen as an objective reporter again and should be out of the media.

  9. I never heard the comment in context…..is it possible it was tounge in cheek….a joke ? I know myself I have jokingly said things on my FB page, that in the glaring light of media,would seem a little off color….was it really bad enough to flush someone’s career down the tubes ?

  10. I think if you’re going to be an anchor on a television newscast, you better get that tounge out of your cheek and be careful of what you say on Facebook. No, not enough to can her ass. Let her learn from this mistake.

  11. By accident, sometimes I’ll watch Macke on the news. There will be no more accidents as now I’ll get up and turn off the television. Tuck is right. She’s lost her objective reporter status. Suggestion to Macke: Join “Fox and Friends.”

  12. Will be interesting to see how Macke’s remarks will affect their newscast ratings. Think this will tell us if she stays or goes.

  13. All I can say is after watching her for quite a few years is I’m so, so disappointed. Diversity needs to be enjoyed and not mocked.

  14. Not a big watcher of Fox 19 news, but now I won’t watch at all. There is enough hate in the world without watching it on purpose.

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