12 comments on “Kindness Shouldn’t Come with a Price Tag

  1. You’re right. Kindness should not come with a price tag. The end result is Kevin is a user like so many there in Covington and if he’s able bodied maybe he should be giving you a few cigarettes. You’re right. Don’t worry about it.

  2. Sounds like this guy is younger than you and he sure is taking advantage of someone with a good heart. Next time he bugs you let me know and I’ll kick his ass!

  3. You did the right thing, and if he doesn’t ever speak to you again, you haven’t lost a thing. By the way, let’s not all gang up on Covington–there are plenty of neighborhoods in greater Cincinnati that are in the same situation with the same users. Try walking around Price Hill, Over the Rhine and other assorted neighborhoods, and you will find the same desperate poor folks, some of them users, but most not.

  4. Larry, I’m more interested in what you write than any random photos that you might come up with.

  5. Tuck is great about this piling on with Covington. Living in downtown Cincinnati for the past four years, I have seen my share of this stuff with people asking for smokes and/or money. When I’m out a lot, it is constant. Covington could be no worse and like Larry, I use tough love. NO.
    P.S. No, I could care less about photos. I read to see what you’re up to.

  6. Why does everyone want something for every little thing they do? It drives me nuts. A sincere heart is becoming a rare thing indeed.

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