11 comments on “My Bathroom

  1. Its that time of year when the mice want to come indoors. I caught three of them in mouse traps over the weekend.

  2. I remember that mouse story you wrote for City Beat last winter. It had me rolling on the floor!

  3. Try to look on the positive side. Having a tiny bathroom means there is less to clean. You have more time to do other things.

  4. I also live in an old, rambling house that has been turned into an apartment building. With these places, you have to take the good with the bad. My building has a lot of charm, but like your place, the bathroom is an add on and it sucks. I simply tell myself I don’t live in there.

  5. I know I have some mice in my house but until I start seeing them I won’t put out any traps. If they can leave me alone, I can leave them along.

  6. From someone who’s been there and smelled it: the seal for the commode bottom is done. Either (or both) it’s leaky and allows sewer gas to enter your throne room. NOBODY likes to pull a commode. Good luck.

  7. The beauty of renting is letting your landlord fix the toilet. Withhold rent until he or she does.

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