9 comments on “Wax Fruit

  1. My grandmother always had a bowl of wax fruit on her dining room table too. I think it’s an older generation thing.

  2. I admit I have some wax fruit in my house but after reading your post I think I’m going to throw it out!

  3. I have some styrofoam bread, a bagel, various rolls. It fooled someone once, but it is dumb. As I recall my mother gave it to me as a “decoration” for my kitchen. I’ve had it forever; it’s stupid and I giving it back to her. She can “decorate” her kitchen with it, yard sell it or throw it away. Thanks for reminding me to purge it.

  4. Janet, I’ve never heard of styrofoam bread, bagels or rolls. What do you cook them on in the oven–360 degrees 😉

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