13 comments on “Fish Sandwich on Rye

  1. I have been married close to 20 years and while I don’t intend to ever get a divorce, should it happen, I would want one exactly like yours.

  2. My uncle and his wife divorced after many years of marriage. But they decided to live in the same two-story house. They did some remodeling, added a separate entrance, and basically created two complete apartments. They lived there somewhat together (eating many meals together, visiting each other regularly, but not living or sleeping together) for many more years, and they remained happy friends for the rest of their days. My uncle always said “My divorce saved my marriage,” and I believe he was right.

  3. Your post invoked several memories: fish on rye (mine loaded with tartar sauce) was a childhood favorite, best enjoyed when purchased by my grandfather and engaging him in meaning of life conversations. And your narrative describes a beautiful denouement. Wish we could all find that peace.

  4. There is something so sweet and honest here. It almost brought tears to my eyes. This is the way divorce should be especially with children and they will ALWAYS be your children even when grown up and it sounds like both have good heads on their shoulders. You and ex-wife, now your friend, did something very, very right.

  5. Offbeat, sincere and touching without trying to be. Kind of reminds me of your column which should still be in Citybeat every week instead of once a month online. Good job.

  6. In a lot of divorces, the parents pit their children against the other parent but you and your ex wife got it right. A pat on the back to both of you.

  7. This warmed my heart in a bittersweet way. Obviously you are both decent people. That goes a long way in keeping things friendly. God bless you Larry.

  8. You are so honest with your writing. Sometimes it scares me. Please, don’t change anything.

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