7 comments on “Marijuana Cruisers in Covington

  1. A lot of crime in downtown Covington lately. I would think a little marijuana would be the least of the cops problems.

  2. The cops were on another mission and ran across a little pot. Shouldn’t be a crime but still is.

  3. Too bad you didn’t save that can of spinach for one of the Popeye Doyles Squad of the Covington PD.

  4. Unless these people were dealing to kids, this is simply a huge waste of time, resources and taxpayers’ money.

  5. Agreed, a huge waste of time. Another waste of time in Covington is arresting all the hookers. They’re back out on the street in only a matter of hours.

  6. Larry, the best response to the cops would have been, “Do you have a warrant?” The second-best response would have been , “I don’t own the property. Call the landlord.” The third-best response would have been to ignore the cops. (We have the right to remain silent.)

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