12 comments on “Cereal Prices

  1. I don’t buy cereal anymore because of the price. Sometimes I felt like I was paying more for the box it came in than for the cereal.

  2. Maurice, living in an apartment with two roommates, one thing I never have to worry about is cereal going stale. More than likely the cereal box is empty.

  3. Yes, Walgreens does have good prices on cereal from time to time. I think this happened last year. I was behind a man in line who asked the cashier to get him a whole case of Cheerios. Now that is a lot of cereal to eat!

  4. I read once where Jerry Seinfeld would take various types of cereal and mix them all up. My guess is that’s probably your next step too 🙂

  5. I finally got out of the cereal habit and into oatmeal. Not the packets, but the larger containers. Takes about 2 minutes in the microwave. No sugar. Put some cinnamon in it and maybe some fresh fruit. Meijer store brand is pretty reasonable, and goes so much further than a box of cereal. Saving tons of money this way.

    (BTW, if Walgreen’s is charging you sales tax on food, they need to be reported. With the exception of soft drinks (I think), there is no sales tax on groceries in Kentucky. Could Walgreen’s be pocketing the sales tax? Just askin’.)

  6. To me, eating oatmeal is more like eating cardboard than Cheerios. Also the consistently of that stuff almost makes me sick!

  7. Stick with the original Cheerios. They are quite healthy for you. Multi-grain has too much sugar and stay away from the peanut Cheerios. Bad stuff, loaded with sugar. It pisses me off that Cheerios is turning into a brand that is bad for a person. Again, stick with the real thing. Lower that cholesterol.

  8. Cheerios is a healthy breakfast. Someone here says it tastes like cardboard. Add some fruit to it! Bananas, raisins, strawberries can help add a little more flavor. Larry, eating cheerios is a good thing!

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