14 comments on “Killing Our Babies

  1. Sadly, as the days and weeks go by, what will happen will be what always happens when it comes to gun control. Nothing.

  2. A lot of hugging all around. A lot of prayer. None of that will change anything. Pretty apparent we need gun control.

  3. I think change will happen now. Obama doesn’t have to be concerned about being reelected now and he can push new laws through more easily. Of course the GOP will resist but I’m going to think positive on this. We can’t allow crazy people with guns to keep killing our children. The time for action is right now.

  4. The politicans in washington D.C. are scared of the NRA. Nothing is going to change. People will always have the right to bare arms.

  5. I’m one of those who happen to believe in prayer and I’m praying for those poor children who died and for their parents. That’s what we all should be doing now. Gun control is a subject for another day. Now is the time for grief.

  6. Interesting article, Karen. Do we have the courage to stop this? I think the better question would be do we have the courage to stand up to the NRA. They have power and a lot of money. Let us prepare for an uphill battle that would be worth it.

  7. With this 24 hour news cycle we have, frankly and honestly, the story is already getting stale. That’s the problem. News and blogs and websites come at you too fast — so fast there is not time to digest that’s happening. Then, it’s old news much too quickly. It’s on to the next big news item. Nothing seeks in long enough.

  8. I think Lion makes sense but you can’t turn back technology. The media is what it is now. Saying that, the media should take some responsibility in keeping important news stores in focus for more than 48 hours. You would think people would do this on their own but most don’t. You know, sheep. It scares me to say it, but real change needs to come with how the media covers these horrors. Cover these events more than just for a few days.

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