9 comments on “Thinking about My E-Mail Account

  1. I’ve heard Hotmail has gotten a lot better recently but I dropped it a long time ago as it was getting so outdated in comparison to the rest. And it was super slow too.

  2. I suppose people still use Yahoo email. Never had a good experience with it. So many emails got lost. Pretty pointless.

  3. The reason why you are getting so much junk mail is because your e-mail account has been out there too long. I change mine every couple years. It cleans up the junk!

  4. I was changing my email accounts so often, I was forgetting what I even had! I stick with gmail now.

  5. My cellphone has a .com button that I have to press the function key to engage. Basic math tells me pressing function + the dotcom key saves me all of two keystrokes instead of typing .com.

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