14 comments on “Window Knocking, Pam, Stolen Bic lighters and Idiot Boyfriends

  1. You find foolish neighbors like Pam just about everywhere. I was living in an apartment building in Price Hill some years ago and I had a neighbor just about like her. She had a strong sense of entitlement and asked others in the building for anything she currently didn’t have including money. Looking through the peep hole, to my door, if it was her I wouldn’t answer the door. I suggest you do the same.

  2. I think if I were actually living the stories you write about when it comes to living in Covington, it would get tiring after awhile. I have a few characters in my life but not a building full of them.

  3. About all that can be said for many of your neighbors is that they make for some (good?) story sources, and it’s good that you stood up to her, certainly a not-so-good neighbor.

  4. When living in a house, strong fences make good neighbors. When living in an apartment, deadbolt locks and a chain on the door makes good neighbors.

  5. Ask the landlord your question. You are putting money into his bank account. You need a return on your investment. Or charge him for being his doorman.

  6. Karen, you’re right. The building I live in has been great material for stories but it’s getting old. I’ve been approved for better apartments, on a waiting list, and I’m thinking I’ll be gone soon — but good tenants (and there are a few) shouldn’t have to put up with the bad tenants. And there are too many.

  7. You should, indeed, charge him for being your doorman. Since you’re a freelance writer, I’m assuming you’re living in a low rent area (no offense) and being the first window these people see put you at a disadvantage. Tell your landlord that and with everything I’ve read, call the cops when these people are being assholes. You’re paying to live in a peaceful place. This isn’t peace my friend.

  8. People like that scare me, not physically or in person but I’m always worried what they will do behind my back if they get it in for me. Car vandalized or rocks through my window in the middle of the night, burglarized or vandalized apartment when they know I am not home. I have lived in several less than desirable locations in my life. Always packed heat, stayed on the down low, no conversations, if people speak I just nod my head and keep walking and if answers were needed they were only one or two words. I never answered knocks or opened my door (especially late at night) they were welcome to open it if they wanted but they would have been unhappy with the results. I would rather have people like that thinking I’m weird as hell than trying to be my friend.

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