19 comments on “Beta Movies, Chinese Food and New Year’s Eve

  1. My parents had a beta video machine. They gave it to me a few years ago along with some of their old movies on beta. It still works! Whenever I play it, I think I’m back in the 1980s!

  2. You got me hungry for Chinese food and it’s not even 9 o’clock in the morning. I’m thinking a Chinese breakfast.

  3. I have nothing against partying and do my share of it but for the past two years my girlfriend and I stay in on New Year’s Eve. We order a pizza, watch movies, do this and that. There will be a lot of fools and drunks out there tonight and we get tired of dodging them. Maybe order a pizza tonight, Larry 🙂

  4. I remember the excitement a new year used to bring. Now it is just a time to remember to change the last digit when you write out a check. Excitement is a feeling I have not felt in longer than I can remember. It seems I am always a little depressed and I have lost the feeling of the new year ushering in something better a long time ago. I know how negative this sounds, but I can’t help it. Now like the fiscal cliff, it just seems like more steps in the ongoing march to more trouble. I hope to be asleep before midnight.

    (Maybe I should erase this, LOL).

  5. Janet, why would you want to erase this? It’s honest.

    I also feel little excitement about the new year. I may be up past midnight but only because I can’t sleep thinking about issues and problems in my life. How am I going to make ends meet in the new year? Will I be able to stay healthy enough to keep my awful job? Who will we go to war with next? The world is not getting any better and it is so scary. I know exactly what you are talking about, Janet.

  6. Get a grip on reality, and don’t worry about what you cannot control. Happy 2013, and roll with the punches.

  7. You can still buy Beta blank tapes on Amazon but you’ll pay a fortune for them. Get a DVD player.

  8. Paula, I am wishing you a successful 2013, one that gives all the things your are hoping for and more.. Maxie, may you make encouraging friends who are just like you in 2013. And Tuck I will work on applying your advice.

  9. I don’t make comments but maybe that will change in 2013. For now I want to say that I read you in City Beat, read this blog and follow you on Facebook. Sometimes you make me laugh, sometimes cry but you always make me think. Thank you for that in 2012 and I hope your words continue for many years to come. Happy New Year to you.

  10. I love ya Larry! If I knew where you live in Covington Kentucky I would come over at midnight and give you a big old kiss!!!

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