15 comments on “Will Twin Peaks Return and Will FBI Agent Dale Cooper Still Like Coffee?

  1. I felt like they were really making it up as they went along but I always liked it and enjoyed it. I’m up for a reboot!

  2. Twin Peaks was way ahead of its time and that’s why it only lasted a couple years. Let us hope it doesn’t come back on NBC. This would make a better cable show. Would be a good fit for AMC.

  3. The show got off to a great start, and I watched faithfully for a while. But it seemed to lose steam, meandering from the plot and introducing too many characters and subplots. I would give it another look if it comes back, and I still have and play the great eerie soundtrack by Mario Badalomenti.

  4. I would love to see Lynch pickup where they left off with Season 3. I also think that he could definitely come up with the explanation why everyone is now 20 years older – they went into some sort of time warp in the Red Room (or something like that).

  5. The Red Room, the Black Lodge — whatever you want to call it always scared the shit out of me. I was a little kid and I would have nightmares over this. Not a kid no more — reboot!

  6. “That gum you like is gonna come back in style!”
    – – – Real tall older man in the black lodge

  7. Watching TV with my daughter, there was a Twin Peak homage on PBS’s show Wordgirl. Pretty cool.

  8. hmm, never did it for me, that show. The only show in retrospect that I cared for that got canned early was Police Squad with Leslie Nielson. Only lasted 6 episodes. One can watch the whole series on Youtube in about 2 hours, and its hilarious. My show was The Wonder Years, and when the heck is that gonna come to DVD?

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