6 comments on “When it comes to Jay Leno, I’m Asking for Your Help

  1. Leno is right down the middle of the road where most Americans are. That is why he beats Dave in the ratings. Not saying I like it but that’s the way it is.

  2. Much good comedy is offensive, but Leno is bland. The general tv audience is bland, hence, the popularity of so-called “reality” shows and Leno. Leno has no “edge” to his humor. He’s a lot like Bob Hope–he reads jokes but does nothing else with them. How he beats master ad-libber Letterman has always mystified me, too. Adding one minute to his lousy show is not going to help. Kimmel and Letterman will always be funnier and sharper than the banal, bland, boring Leno.

  3. When Kimmel moves to 11:30 I think you will see a shakeup in late night. Leno will start to lose some of his audience and it will be about time.

  4. Like Sean above says, Jay is white bread enough to attract the dumbassmasses. If you look up any of Jay’s appearences on Letterman’s NBC show, you can tell he used to be edgier, albeit still lame-o.

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