12 comments on “Helping My Tuna Helper

  1. I can’t eat tuna that comes out of a can, but give me a tuna steak any day and I’ll be happy.

  2. No matter how much to try to “help” it, tuna will always taste like tuna. Give me the hamburger helper.

  3. I’m on the road a lot and use a single burner hot plate for meals in motel rooms. Have never found a canned tuna prep that I truly like. Maybe I’ll try your “helper” alternative.

  4. I don’t like tuna, don’t like peas and don’t like carrots, but I think you’re okay.

  5. Maybe if I mix in a little mayo with it, I can eat a can of tuna but like you I would rather not. It would certainly be on my last as the last thing I would want to eat.

  6. Sarge’s Shack, south of Nashville, yesterday: grilled cajun catfish, dirty rice, baked sweet potato and hush puppies. I may never eat canned fish again. But then again, I blew my travel budget for food.

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