11 comments on “I Don’t Know Much about Taylor Swift

  1. I like some of her music, but the more I hear, especially the new stuff, the less I like.

  2. All I know about Taylor Swift is she ISN’T a country music artist. All the country stations play her but it sounds more pop to me. When she comes on, i change the dial.

  3. I do enjoy her music but I don’t like the fact that she did that promotion for a drug store. Artists that take themselves seriously stick with the music. They don’t need to become a brand.

  4. She’s no Dwight Yoakam, that’s for sure. She’s a pure puff pop singer, a lightweight all around…

  5. Have you ever even listened to her music? She offers the freshest voice and words around. So what if she promotes herself through Walgreens. It’s called free enterprise.

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