7 comments on “Where’s Kate?

  1. I learned of Kate through you here on your blog and I too have missed reading any new posts. I hope she returns soon.

  2. I don’t follow her all that often but I believe she has a new book coming out this summer and is, at least in part, about food. Maybe that’s why her blog has dried up. Maybe a conflict with the book.

  3. Some bloggers want their words read so desperately by readers, then they simply abandon those readers with no warning or explanation. Even if she comes back to her blog the damage has already been done.

  4. Her facebook page is “active,” but not much substance there. JR makes an interesting point: should bloggers feel responsible to their readers? I think so..

  5. I don’t read Kate’s blog but I do read this one. When Larry was in the process of moving, he told us what was going on, didn’t keep us hanging. He was responsible to his readers. Kate, you should have done the same.

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