9 comments on “Reading a Wonderful Novel like “Canada,” Then Reading Not Such a Wonderful Novel

  1. I have heard that Canada is quite a good read but if it wasn’t, I would not read it from beginning to end. Life is too short to read a not so good book.

  2. I read The Sportswriter by Ford, and it was good. I know fiction can be instructive/enlightening, but the older I get, the less fiction I read. I want to learn something from what I read, and if I read some bad fiction, I’ve wasted precious time. So I’m starting Wheels for The World by Douglas Brinkley, the story of Henry Ford and his company, and after that either Pete Townshend’s or Neil Young’s autobio. But at least we are all reading, something I suspect is becoming a lost art in the young.

  3. I thought The Sportswriter was good too. Independence Day was even better. Ford’s a good writer and I think I’m going to check out Canada.

  4. Ford is a good writer. His collection of short stories, “Rock Springs,” is like fine wine. The stories get better with age.

  5. Good for you, Candice. I have an iPad, but I don’t like to read books or longer pieces on it. I still love physical books, but the iPad is great for news, short articles and keeping up with sports and music.

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