15 comments on “Svedka Vodka and Walgreens

  1. I think I know which cashier you are talking about. I would not have gone back either. If you had, it would somehow be your fault that he forgot to scan it. Let sleeping dogs lie!

  2. That cashier’s drawer is going to be short 12 dollars. If this happens too often, the cashier will be fired.

  3. The guy may be a jerk but by and large I feel sorry for cashier clerks. Imagine the kind of customers they have to put up with, especially at a Walgreens.

  4. Pity the cashier. He probably can’t write well, doesn’t have a blog and many faithful followers. He’s just trying to make you feel as bad as he feels. And enjoy that good stuff. It’s a great apartment-warming gift.

  5. Karen’s right. I’m a part time waitress which is a thankless job, but at least I get tips. What does a cashier get? Mostly grief.

  6. The guy might resent you because he maybe assumes you’re retired, while he’s still a working stiff. But I would only pay the grump if he directly confronts you with the mistake. As Gus notes, the cashier might have to pay for his errors. If he somehow recalls your purchase and the approximate error, he might say something. Or you could avoid going in there when he’s working…

  7. It would take a lot of balls for this cashier to approach you but still I would try to avoid him for awhile and should he ever approach you I would play dumb. You have given Walgreens plenty of money with their high prices. You yourself have always stated how expensive the store is. Maybe time for a little pay back.

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