15 comments on “Looking for a Handout

  1. The city has no money so I would suspect a lot of its residents don’t either. I hope Covington can come back but for now keep your hands in your pockets.

  2. I lived in Covington for many years and loved it until it started going downhill. No leadership in that city whatsoever. Left hand doesn’t even have a right hand. Glad I’m away from there and all the crackheads.

  3. It takes a lot of nerve to be knocking on doors asking for money. Find out from your neighbors if this person IS the nut in the building. If so, report him to the property manager.

  4. I think that any “inner city” place you live you will find people asking for a handout. It’s not just Covington. I love Covington and all it’s diversities, I have lived here most of my 46 years. You have to be cautious of areas as you do in any city. Even Urban areas have their fair share of troubles. I think you did the right thing by telling him no, because unfortunately that would be like feeding a stray animal, once you do it they will come back for more.

  5. I was waiting for a bus last week.Some young guy told me he only had 95 cents and asked me if I could give him the rest. (I didn’t) He told me he was going to walk, buti nstead stood behind me and came up with $1.75 . Is this bad lazy parenting, or something passed down from previous generations? It happens too often here in Covington.

  6. As you once implied in a City Beat column, there’s more than one kind of stray cat in Covington.

  7. There are parts of downtown Cincinnati that are just like Covington. Covington doesn’t have a lock on crazy!

  8. I caught thieves breaking into my car and have it on video and they still walk the streets of covington freely, so bumming must be way on the bottom of the arrest list.

  9. Bring back the titty bars. In the 80’s, Covington had a reputation of being slexay, but it was relatively safe. Now those adult dancers are out on the street hooking and taking crack. That’s what I think anyway.

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