6 comments on “Meeting Buck Owens

  1. Your post reminds me to check out a recognition project for local country musicians, such as Kenny Price from Hee-Haw, others from the locally produced Midwestern Hayride, etc. There were, and are, many more gifted entertainers than Buck Owens but it’s fun to look back.

  2. I remember Larry writing about Kenny Pride before. He was kind of a “star.” I think he lived over in Newport.

  3. I was not a big country fan (give me jazz and blues or rock), but I do recall seeing Owens’s band on tv now and then. He was big in the 60s, but I always thought the best musician in his band was Don Rich, seen in the video. An excellent guitarist and backup vocalist, he played a major part in Buck’s success but got little notice for it. I hope, and guess, he was well paid.

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