12 comments on “A Quad Cane

  1. Isn’t it a mixed emotion kind of thing when your “child” recognizes you need something even when you’re denying it? Your son sounds wonderful. Use that cane and walk with pride, knowing how much he cares.

  2. Better for your son to invest in a quad cane for you than to invest in hip replacement surgery after you fall down.

  3. I see people using these kind of canes all the time. It is no big deal at all. The important thing is you keep standing on your feet.

  4. My dad has been using a quad cane for a couple years or so. It’s no big deal. A big deal would be falling down and breaking a bone.

  5. Your son is a fine young man with his heart in the right place. That “Hurrycane” is going to make your life easier and safer.

  6. I agree with Tuck that your son is a fine young man. Walk with that cane with your head held high!

  7. I like your joke about using a cane as a fashion statement. Years ago in college, I would walk with a cane just as that! If you ever need another walking cane, just tell me here and I’ll arrange a get together with you. You are welcome to them!

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