12 comments on “Baking Potatoes for my Father

  1. Trying to get in the habit of eating baked potatoes. I like them fried but that is not good for you.

  2. Oh, yes, I’ve fixed potatoes on my grill many times just like your link suggests. It’s good eatin’!

  3. My grandma would bake a potatoe and then finish it up by frying it. Seemed to me like it defeated the purpose of eating healthy.

  4. My mom worked at a restaurant. She would occassionally bring home left over baked potatoes. I would slice them in the morning and fry them for breakfast, maybe not healthy but umm umm good.

  5. Fried potatoes is like a heart attack ready to happen. To those who bake and then fry, rethink your process.

  6. You gotta PLAN when having baked potatoes and I can NEVER think an hour ahead to put some in the oven and they taste like rubber coming out of the microwave. I’ll stick with french fries.

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