7 comments on “Finally, Maybe—a Grocery Store Downtown

  1. I’m glad about the grocery store. Even if the prices are a little high, I know it is going to be cheaper than those convenience stores that rip you off downtown.

  2. Gus, agreed: assume the space in downtown Cincinnati is higher to lease, so prices may be higher. I had sticker shock while long-term visiting Vancouver BC last year. Prices sky-high at a downtown IGA. Offsetting that, I bought really smart and ate less (waistline-friendly). Plus had the ease of moving around, i.e., mass transit, bike lanes, walker-friendly destinations for a haircut, GREAT library and diverse retail options. Who’s on the planning committee? Hope it includes people who actually live downtown and are on a lower-than-six figures income.

  3. Karen, my experience with IGA is that they are all expensive. I remember Keller’s IGA in Clifton. I loved that store but didn’t love their high prices.

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