9 comments on “Downtown Covington and Cigarette Butts

  1. You’re right. All one has to do is talk a walk up and down Madison or Scott. The sidewalks look terrible. Yes, a very bad first impression.

  2. I have friends who live in Covington that I visit from time to time so I have some knowledge of the city. It is an odd place. Their city council got rid of those bus benches with the advertising on them as they were thought to be ugly. Well, sidewalks littered with trash and cigarette butts are just as ugly and probably even worse. This all gets back to poor leadership or the lack thereof.

  3. All those Covington hookers should be out there cleaning the sidewalks. They’re out there anyway, give them something else to do.

  4. That sidewalk around the Madison Theater can get pretty littered up when they’re having a concert. Don’t the owners see this?

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