7 comments on “The Elevator

  1. A funny story, but then again I wasn’t the one in that elevator. I think I would be freaking out.

  2. If I have the option and if there aren’t too many, I will usually take the steps instead of the elevator. I have no desire to get stuck in one of those things and the steps can be good exercise. You are lucky you were only in there for 15 minutes. A long 15 minutes that would be for me!

  3. I will usually open your links but I won’t open this one. Getting stuck in an elevator is one of my worst nightmares.

  4. I was stuck in an elevator a few years ago and it was between floors and took about an hour to finally get out. No fun at all. If at all possible I will avoid them.

  5. That cellphone would not have done you any good anyway. They don’t work well in elevators.

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