10 comments on “Rambling Morning Thoughts That Really Don’t Mean a Damn Thing

  1. Some of those rambling morning thoughts that don’t really mean a damn are pretty funny 🙂

  2. You’ll never get anything free at Walgreens. I’m surprised they don’t charge you for entering their overpriced store.

  3. I agree with several of your musings. Bob Hope was never funny, and having to prepare your coffee in the morning just delays that first delicious sip. Either buy a nice Zippo lighter or a cheap Bic, but never pay for matches. Reading books is better than reading screens, and having less material things is “freeing,” taking much trivial worry out of life. And, even though you downplay it, you did have something solid to write in your blog today.

  4. I so totally agree with Tuck. I enjoy posts like this and your observations that maybe are small but meaningful.

  5. With spring around the corner, isn’t everyone taking personal inventory? I like that you share yours, too.

  6. Which half of the banana do you use, the left or the right? And what happens to the other half?

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