8 comments on “Mika and Soda

  1. Soda is bad for you. So is eating corn. Will the government be outlawing corn? Nope. The government has no right to pick and choose what is bad. Leave us alone.

  2. I haven’t had a soda in years but I agree with you. The government has no right to interfere here. What will be next? Just let them try to take away my coffee!

  3. It’s good you brought up the fact that you’re a smoker and really have no right in judging others. If you hadn’t, I would have.

  4. I agree that behavior can’t be legislated. My frustration is the true cost of drinking those big gulps. The caveat: consider the $$ spent to treat obesity, diabetes, dental issues and other long term conditions resulting, in part, from consuming a worthless beverage. We are one of the most unhealthy “civilized” nations in the world. Solution? I have none.

  5. I also have no solutions to this problem, Karen, so I simply look out for no. 1 which is myself. I try to educate myself on what is good and bad for my body and try to do what is right. Maybe instead of spending money on passing laws on unhealthy behavior maybe spend some money on education on what is good and bad for a person. With that said, I don’t know if that would do any good either. So, back to looking out for no. 1.

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