19 comments on “Owner of Madison Theater Promises a Sidewalk Cleanup

  1. You need to state the reason why the Madison Theater looks like a garbage dump. It’s because of all those young kids that go to shows that have no respect for that property. They don’t own it, therefore, they don’t give a shit. I do agree that the owner and her employees need to be paying more attention to the appearance. I also know it is an uphill battle when dealing with teenagers so maybe cut the owner some slack.

  2. After I read this, I thought of Bogarts on Shortvine. If they can give keep their sidewalk relatively clean, why can’t the Madison Theater?

  3. Good for you for calling them. You are right. You are not the only person who has noticed this but few will ever take the time to get involved. You are standing up for your community!

  4. I walked by the Madison Theater yesterday. You”re right. It is a garbage dump.

  5. After all the money Esther Johnson has taken from the City of Covington in bailouts, she should be out there cleaning up that sidewalk herself.

  6. I’m stuck on the city’s half mil $$ tab for sidewalk maintenance. REALLY? Either somebody lost a decimal point or common sense (on either side). To the Madison management: put on your big boy business pants and clean up your customers’ messes. You’re advertising to a certain audience, so deal with it.

  7. You care about your community but he owner of the Madison Theater would care less. She cares about the money being put in her pocket. It is a shame that the police can’t find a way to force her to clean up the outside of her establishment.

  8. This is the problem with Covington all around: Poor management. Half a million dollars a year to clean the sidewalks? I have to agree with Johnson on that. That number was pulled out of someone’s ass. BUT Johnson does need to responsibility for her property and how it looks. Again, poor management all the way around here.

  9. Madison’s venues attract kids who don’t know how to pick up after themselves. Apparently employees there don’t know how to do it either.

  10. Could it be the class of clientele that the “theater” attracts? I don’t remember this being such a problem when the Madison was actually a movie theater.

  11. “Could it be the class of clientele that the “theater” attracts? ”

    Lib, you nailed it.

  12. When Aimee Mann played the Madison in November, the crowd was older and more respectful of the property inside and out. Age MATTERS!

  13. I’m usually hoping for Covington to make a comeback,then I read something like this which tells met tell me the businesses left there don’t give a shit. Covington is becoming depressing.

  14. I walked by the Madison Theater. Their sidewalk is clean and that pot has been cleaned out of all those cigarette butts. Proof that it paid to make that phone call and get involved!

  15. I agree with Jack Rabbit on this one. Esther Johnson has received millions from the government for this piece of property. She should have enough money of her own to clean up the messes.

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