15 comments on “Shameless Self Promotion: “The Hurricane Café”

  1. Just purchased it! Looking forward to a good, springtime read from one of my favorite people and writers.

  2. If I do buy any book, it is an old fashion one. I like turning pages and not replacing batteries.

  3. I thought the column was interesting so I will order the book. Any book signings coming up in the near future?

  4. There’s nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion. You’re on Facebook, right? That’s all that sight is!

  5. I’ll buy the ebook version. That way, you’ll be easy to carry around with me.

  6. Just bought the ebook. I think. That was scarey fast. I don’t do too much online ordering and this is my first ebook from Amazon. Here we go, Tommy James!

  7. Because it is you I will buy the REAL book but at some point I want that book signed!

  8. Got the Kindle version this afternoon, about half way through it. Interesting way that you wrote it with Tommy in the first person and Jessica in the third person. It’s good. I’m enjoying it.

  9. I had heard or perhaps read that you are going to be in the Seattle area relatively
    soon and wanted to extend an invite to come by the Hurricane and set up to do a book signing.
    The Hurricane Cafe
    Seattle, WA

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