8 comments on “The Comfort of a Low Page Count

  1. I very much agree. Wanting to be a writer very much involves reading. If students are so concerned about how long a book is, then they are not all that interested in learning the art of writing!

  2. I have a copy of “Atonement” that I’ve never read. I previously read some good reviews, and now Spencer and Will have convinced me to dig it out and get started. Anyone interested in good writing has to be a committed reader–we learn to write from what we read.

  3. Your students’ response leaves me at a loss for words. Books are meant to be savored, like a good meal or a fine wine. The short stuff is a quick fix.

  4. Must agree with Karen. Your students are damn strange. I’m shocked they didn’t want their books on tape so they could listen and not read!

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