10 comments on “Condemned in Covington

  1. There was also a drug overdoee on that street a few weeks ago. It’s not the worst street in Covington but certainly not the best. You’re lucky to be out.

  2. A late post from you is better than none at all. Something tells me you’ve been busy lately.

  3. When you were living on that street, you never gave us the actual address and I am mostly glad that you didn’t. I would have been worried about you. Glad you are off that horrible street.

  4. I’ve seen nice houses on this street but it is very hit and miss. Sounds like your old place was a miss.

  5. 24 W. 10th was not repaired, they put a band-aid on and then lied to tenants just to receive rent money…I know someone who was in constant contact with code enforcement and the landlords there are very well to do, but could care less that they are slum lords. If they fix roofs like they run apartments buy an umbrella!!!

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