12 comments on “Other People’s Noise

  1. I know of that man riding his bike. He’s been polluting the streets of Covington with his noise for years. Of course, the cops really can’t do anything about it.

  2. You get the same thing with people in cars with their windows rolled down playing their music so loud, I don’t know how they can even think!

  3. I also remember Mr. Microphone! Madison, sometimes I think people at the library have these things!!

  4. I know what you’re saying. That’s why I have ear plugs and listen to music when walking down the sidewalk.

  5. Wow… that’s what’s wrong with our nation… really???? The church is polluting the streets with their message on Sunday??? Wow!

  6. I agree with Jewels…..I see this guy riding his bike everyday and he is not harming anyone. As for music on Madison, take another route. Music is a like or dislike. Though it might irritate one, its not harming you. We all should be using our energy on getting the drugs off the streets of Covington. Not a little old man enjoying his music…..just saying.

  7. Jewels, not everyone is Christian, and I personally do not want to have Christianity shoved down my throat. You go to church, you enjoy it. Don’t for me to listen to it though.

  8. Wow what a grouch! Disco music is your issue? Have you heard the cRAP that peple blast from cars which rattle walls? As for the church, Maybe you should stand on the sidewalk a little longer and get a grip on what is right with the world. It is very little thanks to arses who grump about little rays of sunshine!

  9. Maybe the guy who wrote this “blog” should learn the difference between Here and Hear !

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