6 comments on “Walgreens, Paper and Matches

  1. That receipt never makes it home. I throw it in the trash can after I leave the store.

  2. You can start doing away with receipts for cigarettes. Most people including me open the pack as soon as they leave the store!!

  3. Goodwill at Walgreens? If they could find a way to charge you for the receipt, they would.

  4. Most places like that insist their cashiers give you the reicpt in hopes that you will visit their website to fill out a customer servey. Disrict managers with give out warnings to their stores if not enough customers fill out those stupid things, ie the cashiers aren’t handing them out every single time. Panera does it, Taco Bell etc…

  5. I seldom take a receipt, especially for beer. I either tell the clerk, “No, I’ll drink it here” or No thanks, I won’t be returning it.”

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