13 comments on “Wiedemann Beer History

  1. If you are going to drink shit beer, you might as well drink LOCAL shit beer. It has to be better than Bud.

  2. Just want to say I’m glad you’re posting in the mornings again. I like afternoon Larry but love morning Larry 🙂

  3. I drank “Weedy” MANY years ago as a (broke) college student. It was cheap, and it could definitely bring on headaches, but ice cold, it was tolerable. I don’t think there’s been a groundswell of support to bring it back, but I guess it will still be cheap, and there’s always a market for that. I won’t be in that market–there are too many great beers today, and I try as many as I can.

  4. I used to drink that shit at the drive in when I was a kid. That was a long time ago and I have desire to regress.

  5. My favorite bad beers in no particular order are: The already mentioned Top Hat, Red White and Blue Beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jacob’s Best, (get a real job Jacob), Milwaukee’s Best (not) and the infamous beer in a white Can with black block lettering that just says BEER.

  6. You know what is awesome….. when someone has a dream, like to own their own beer brand. Then they make it happen, spend the money, do all the hard work and then some random blogger with a bunch of readers goes and shit’s all over it before he has even tried it. Nice.

  7. Wow, Bill. Don’t know. Define “shit all over it.” Larry was taking about the Wiedemann he had decades ago. You need to relax. Have a beer. Have a Wiedemann or whatever.

  8. I can kind of see Bill’s point. Maybe Larry should try the new Wiedemann and see if it is better than the old.

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