9 comments on “Just in Case You Care About Rush Limbaugh

  1. I don’t care for Rush either but I do believe in freedom of speech. As far as his network not liking him, it doesn’t matter. Other networks will stand in line to pick him up. You and I both know he’s not going away.

  2. I read somewhere where Rush’s radio show gets a big audience during the first fifteen minutes or so and then the audience falls right off. Maybe his radio network is staring to pick up on this.

  3. Freedom of speech allows him to voice his opinions. But people don’t have to listen, and I don’t much. He is responsible for much of the divisiveness on general politics, women/birth control, immigration and other hot-button issues. And I have the freedom to say he is a drug-addled gasbag that most people should avoid like the plague.

  4. I agree with both you and Tuck. Rush can say whatever he wants but we don’t have to listen to him and I don’t.

  5. Well, if they show Rush and Hannity the door, there’s always someone lower and scummier to take their place – as long as the ratings are high and the advertising ready to put their dollars behind any mouthpiece that can deliver viewers – but only until they can’t stomach the next one.

    It’s a cycle that never ends.

  6. The reality is Fattie and Hannity get solid ratings. You can wish them away but wishing ain’t gonna make it so.

  7. I was neutral on him until all his birth control bullshit. Jack yourself to sleep, fat boy.

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