10 comments on “Where You At?

  1. This brought a smile to my face this morning, but actually it’s a little sad. Bad English seems to abound in this country more and more.

  2. Whenever my mom would hear “Where (are) you at?”, she would always reply “Between the ‘a’ and the ‘t’ .”

  3. Poor English seems to be a way of life with the younger generation. I wonder who is to blame for this. The teachers? The parents? It is probably both.

  4. Many are simply not learning to read or write well, and you can throw some blame on lousy movie/tv scripts, so-called “reality” tv shows and moronic texting.

  5. Tuck, you should do a youtube search on Jerry Seinfeld. He has a great bit on reality tv shows – nothing real about them at all.

  6. Pretty good, if it hasn’t already happened, this bad grammar will soon be considered normal. We don’t pay attention to basic English anymore, don’t care about it. Frankly, I’m shocked that “ain’t” isn’t in the dictionary yet.

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