10 comments on “A Dirty Little Book

  1. I’m not talking about your book as I haven’t read it yet, but I could never read a book I don’t like to completion. That’s a waste of valuable time.

  2. When it comes to “sex scenes,” the only one that comes to mind is in chapter seven and that was more comical than sexual and certainly not that graphic. I didn’t feel uptight about any of the book but I’m younger and maybe it’s a generation thing. Saying that, my mother is reading your book now and she’s in her 60’s. So far, she’s not complaining.

  3. I’m with Julie, and I’m soon to be 65. This was not a “dirty little book.”

  4. A dirty little book? Hardly. I was a little concerned, however, that the relationship between Tommy and Jessica would turn that way but the restraint in handling that bond between them made the book plausible. I enjoyed reading it.

  5. Question: The ending of the book signifies some kind of new beginning for both the main characters. Is that going to be explored in another book?

  6. They don’t have hurricanes in Seattle or Cincinnati so I don’t get the title.

  7. Jason, one should never say never, but I have no plans to take Tommy and Jessica any further.

  8. I also wish we could find out what happens after Seattle. I think there’s more to tell too.

  9. A friend loaned me your book to read and it isn’t dirty. Your friend is an uptight old maid. You know what she wants and probably needs.

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