11 comments on “Lately

  1. Maybe it has had something to do with the weather. I don’t sleep well when it’s hot. Now we have some cooler weather on the way. Maybe that will help. Hope so.

  2. Sometimes I think more deeply about more subjects in the middle of the night than I ever do when I’m wide awake in daylight.

  3. My mind also sometimes starts to race at night. This is old fashion I know but I often drink a glass of milk before bed. It makes me a little sleepy.

  4. Watch reruns of “Thirtysomething.” That will put you to sleep 😉

  5. Somethings in the “Air”.Many people are experiencing an increase of stress/strain.It seems to ratchet up around the 21st (25th?) of the last 3 months.If You are anywhere near the New Madrid Fault line…its a very bad sign…

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