11 comments on “What’s in a Name?

  1. His ship sailed and sunk. Suppose $$$$ is some comfort when he can’t get into the Hall of Fame. But money won’t buy him that.

  2. I mostly agree with Karen. Yes, I do feel a little bit sorry for him (with his millions) but when it comes to baseball, Pete caused his own problems.

  3. With all the crap going on in baseball today with the steroids, it makes Pete’s mistake seem pretty tame. He’s an old man now. Let him into the hall of fame.

  4. Yeah, i guess his ship has sailed but it makes me sad I have to admit. He’s now an old man signing baseballs for a living. He can’t be feeling good about himself having to do that.

  5. It is a little hard for me to feel sad about a crook who makes a million dollars a year.

  6. Good old Pete Rose! You can always take the boy out of Price Hill but you will never Price Hill out of the boy. YOU CAN BET ON THAT!

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