12 comments on “I Couldn’t Care Less about the Brady Bunch

  1. With the Brady Bunch you could put your kids down in front of the tv and not worry about what they were watching. It was a good wholesome show and something we need on tv today.

  2. I think maybe what Audrey is trying to say at least in part is that “The Brady Bunch was a good babysitter 😉

  3. The people who made this show also was responsible for Gilligan’s Island. What does that tell you?

  4. Once again, you mean to say you “could NOT care less.” If you could care less, that means you care somewhat. As for me, like you, I could not care less about this show. I never watched it, and I certainly don’t know the theme words. I’d rather read…

  5. Tuck, you’re right. “Could not care less” or “Couldn’t care less” is the proper way to say it. Most people don’t these days but that’s not excuse for me to do it incorrectly. From this point on, I’ll be careful.

  6. Tuck, Larry seems to have a crush on Jan, so maybe he does care a little bit. Just sayin’. Wait. Just SAYING.

  7. I decided to make myself happy and also Tuck. The title has been changed to what it should be.

  8. Larry,
    Thanks. I don’t mean to be the old grouchy school teacher, but you and I both love good writing, and I just couldn’t help myself. Keep up the great work.

  9. “I could care less” sounds right to me but I did a Google search and discovered it is wrong. Learn something new every day.

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